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        We started Seat & Row because we wanted to improve the regular seat maps that teams provide to fans that only show section numbers. When I attend a sporting event I want the best possible information to decide which tickets to purchase. Seat & Row gives you this information so you can know the exact location of the tickets and make the best decision based on your preferences. Also if you are a season ticket holder and looking to upgrade your seats during the relocation period in the offseason you can use Seat & Row to determine which seats would be better for you. Another service our site provides are free custom auction seat maps. These can help you sell your tickets for a premium by showing your potential buyers how great your seats really are. Buyers will pay more for your tickets because they will know exactly where they are instead buying some from a seller and only knowing the row. We are presently concentrating our efforts on NFL stadiums and hope to have all completed by the time the season begins. We map stadiums based on high resolution pictures and information from teams and fans. If you have some great pictures of your stadium feel free to send them along to us, we would appreciate it. It might even get us to do your stadium next!